Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Philadelphia Area Bridal Consultants

Finding reputable and reliable Philadelphia area bridal consultants can be a challenging task. When it comes to Philadelphia area bridal consultants, the problem is not that you don�t have enough options. The real problem is that in the Philadelphia area there are a large number of different bridal consultants in business. Plus, it is easy to draw upon bridal consultants from other cities when you are planning a wedding in the Philadelphia area, including New York City. Through this article, we provide you with a few reference points to assist you in your search for a suitable wedding consultant.

Please do keep in mind that while we are referencing some specific stores or vendors within the confines of this article, nothing should be construed as being an endorsement of one merchant over another. Additionally, nothing should be construed as being an endorsement of one product line over another. Rather, the materials presented within this article are intended for informational purposes to provide you with a starting point in your own search for reliable Philadelphia area bridal consultants.

When it comes to Philadelphia area bridal consultants, one widely used service is Elegant Events. This service has a number of different consultancy options available to a couple heading to the altar. Elegant Events is located at 8312 Gilbert Street in Philadelphia. The principal contact at the service is Sheila Corbett. The service can be reached by phone at 215/753-9231.

When it comes to experienced Philadelphia area bridal consultants, Carolyn E. Verdi has been in business for many years. She can be located at 757 South 8th Street in Philadelphia. Ms. Verdi can be reached by telephone at 215/925-2997.

Finally, when it comes to qualified Philadelphia area bridal consultants, Sabrina Bridal provides a wide range of services and is located at 814 White Horse Road in Stradford, New Jersey (not far from Philadelphia). The principal contact is Steve Chin.