Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Look at Columbian Girls Brides and Other Child Bride Practices

In some corners of the world, historically older girls have become married at a point in their lives before they reach actual adulthood. For example, in some parts of the country, Columbian girls brides were rather common. Not only were Columbian girls brides an accepted practice, other countries around the world historically saw the marriage of girls. (This practice does continue in some cultures even yet today.)

When it comes to Columbian girls brides, the practice of girls marrying young seems to be moving into disfavor in most sectors of countries that even previously had allowed if not favored such nuptials. For the most part, as South American and other nations that permitted such young marriages move more into the global marketplace, they have begun to adopt the wedding practices that are common in many of the more industrial aggressive nations in Europe and North America.

Although there is a great deal of attention focused on Columbian girls brides and similar situations in which young girls are permitted or encouraged to marry when young, nations like the United States even have enclaves in which very young girls can marry with the permission of the parents.

Take for example the State of Kansas, in the heart of the United States -- a place as far removed from the practice of Columbian girls brides one could possible imagine. Indeed, Kansas is considered by many to be within the conservative Bible Belt. Nevertheless, in Kansas, with the permission of a parent, a girl as young as twelve years of age can marry. Recently, the Governor of Kansas indicated that she was not pleased with Kansas being a place where very young girls could marry adult men without impunity. Most experts agree that within the not too distant futures, practices like Columbian girls brides and Kansas laws that permit girls to marry will be distant memories.