Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Look At The New Orleans Bride Show

Editor�s Note: This brief article on the New Orleans Bridal Show was in the process of being written when Hurricane Katrina destroyed the Louisiana city. Therefore, while we do provide some brief information on what was, the New Orleans Bridal Show is presently going to be broadcast in re-run only, if at all.

Obviously, the hotels and other services that are mentioned within the confines of the New Orleans Bride Show are not available at this time due to the hurricane and floods that have destroyed the city. Analysts maintain that it will be a significant period of time before people will be able to return to New Orleans at all to begin the rebuilding process. Consequently, it will be a considerable period of time before the services referenced in any of the Bride Show broadcasts will be available again -- if ever.

Naturally, our thoughts will remain with people whose lives have been so seriously impacted by Hurricane Katrina.

The New Orleans Bride Show is on every Sunday morning on Cox television in New Orleans at ten a.m. They are touted as the best wedding planner experience television show in the country and have a goal of keeping people informed of information to enhance the wedding planning experience. They host large events at major hotels and locations which have hundreds of vendors that serve the wedding planning community as well as publications and keep the audience updated on the latest wedding tips and services. If you go to their website you can see video stream of featured weddings and information on new services and vendors to the wedding planning community.

Again, the future of the New Orleans Bride Show remains unclear at this writing. However, due to the indomitable spirit of the people of New Orleans, one can safely assume that the future will include the New Orleans Bride Show.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Naked Bridesmaids Can Be Fun

Naked bridesmaids can be fun and they can certainly spice up a party. Let's face it if you are going to introduce naked bridesmaids Into the equation you are going to have to fight off the male guests with a stick. Can you imagine the fights that could break out to get into your reception if you had naked bridesmaids? It would be anarchy, there would be no controlling anyone when there were naked bridesmaids around.

Probably the only time you would find naked bridesmaids is if you were lucky enough to get invited to a nudist wedding. If you did I am sure that you would find tons of naked bridesmaids roaming around the festivities. If you do ever get to attend one of these weddings that have naked bridesmaids be sure that you are one of the first to get introduced because the competition will be fierce and if you want to be remembered you will have to be one of the first in there. Naked bridesmaids are fun.

If you are getting married soon you should seriously consider having naked bridesmaids at your wedding. I know it sounds silly but think about it, no one will ever forget it. Your wedding will be the wedding of the century if you have naked bridesmaids. All of your friends and family will be talking about your naked bridesmaids forever. You will be a legend and your wedding will go down in the history books. Long after you are gone and buried people will be telling stories about how at your wedding you had naked bridesmaids.

The only problem that you may run up against is talking your bridesmaids into being naked bridesmaids. Most women will not jump at the chance to become naked bridesmaids. They might feel a little shy or scared but your job is to convince them that it is all in good fun, let them know that if they are naked bridesmaids they will still be able to have a ball. After all if they really loved you and wanted what was best for you, wouldn't they take one for the team and be naked bridesmaids, it is only for one day, right?

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Where To Find Mother Of The Groom Plus Size Dress

When you are the mother of the groom it is hard enough to find a dress that you feel is appropriate for your son�s wedding. If you don�t fit into the norm when it comes to size, that makes it even harder. Don�t fret! You will be okay. There are many companies popping up all over the place that specializes in plus size women, including a mother of the groom plus size dress. In no time at all, you will be able to access a variety of options when it comes to finding just the right mother of the groom plus size dress.

One problem with being plus size also is that it seems as if all you can find is something that is loud with obnoxious colors and wild patterns. Many bridal stores actually carry dresses for the mother of the groom. They also carry most sizes. If you are not able to find one your size, most times it can be ordered in or altered to fit you perfectly. These stores are making it a point to ensure that they have mother of the groom plus size dress in stock -- or that they have easy access to ordering such a dress.

The Internet is also home to a number of sites that specialize in plus size clothing for the choosey women. At these sites you likely will be able to find a selection of dresses that will suit your needs. Just like in the brick in mortar world, these online venues are working to ensure that you will be able to find just the right mother of the groom plus size dress when you visit them.

In the end, with the products that are now available online in the way of a mother of the groom plus size dress, you will feel great for your son�s wedding day. When the time comes to take pictures, you will shine in your mother of the groom plus size dress.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Moissanite Bridal Rings

When it comes to selecting just the right wedding ring, the task itself can be rather daunting. Many wedding rings are purchased by young people just on the verge of starting their lives. Thus, oftentimes these people simply do not have a very sizeable budget when it comes to the purchase of a wedding ring. If you are in such a boat, you might want to take a close look at Moissanite bridal rings. Indeed, Moissanite bridal rings might be the perfect alternative for you.

Of course, many people balk at the thought of purchasing an imitation diamond ring. (Moissanite bridal rings are high quality imitation diamond rings.) However, when all is said and done, there are some very nicely done imitation diamond rings on the market today, Moissanite included.

Moissanite bridal rings are given what the manufacturer calls �the stamp of quality� before these imitation diamond rings leave a jewelers store or shop.

Moissanite bridal rings are created individually by skilled craftsmen who (again, according to the company itself) �get to the last handcrafted detail and make every single ring a piece of enviable jewelry. Each ring is measured meticulously in the laboratory for its refractive index, its color, clarity and its hardness. Moissanite unlike diamond does not crack under pressure since cracks and fissures are absent and research has proved that a piece of Moissanite jewelry can well last beyond its lifetime.�

In this day and age, with so many people watching the bottom line, Moissanite bridal rings have become a solid choice for many couples. As the manufacturer of Moissanite bridal rings notes in its promotional materials:

�A Moissanite ring on your bride�s finger is more than mere sparkle. It is an affirmation of the everlasting commitment and love you feel for her. On her part, she may feel very special wearing her Moissanite bridal ring on her special day, its shine and fire adding to the brightness of her eyes.�

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Look At Modern Bridal Hairstyles

Your wedding day truly is one of the most special and important days of your entire life. Therefore, you will want your hair to look its absolute best on that big day. Many brides want to consider modern bridal hairstyles for their weddings. In this regard, there are a wide range of options available to a bride who wants modern bridal hairstyles.

Modern bridal hairstyles have become more widely chosen or selected by today�s brides. Past bridal hairstyles have been simple and sometimes boring. Now, brides are becoming more creative. They are styling their hair in ways adding touches that blend beautifully with their wedding.

Brides are using flowers and other such objects that have been worked into their wedding to be worked into their hair. Flowers and jewelry are intricate parts of many modern bridal hairstyles. Flowers and jewelry certainly add a touch of flare to any hairstyle.

Your normal hairstylist likely will have suggestions for you when it comes to modern bridal hairstyles. Most skilled stylists want to stay up to date on the latest hairstyle trends.

With more and more brides not using veils, hair has become more important and something that is becoming more eye-catching as well. Women have started spending more time browsing hairstyles in hair salons, bridal shows and the Internet. There are many different styles available besides a French twist or wearing your hair down. So make you hair as individual and beautiful as you will be on your big day. Again, there are so many different modern bridal hairstyles to choose from in this day and age. By taking the time to consider a number of different modern bridal hairstyles, you will be able to identify the look that is perfect for you.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Beginning Your Search for Reliable Minnesota Bridal Consultants

If you are a bride to be in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, you may be in the process of considering different Minnesota bridal consultants. Selecting from a list of Minnesota bridal consultants can be a difficult task. In this article, we provide you with some basic references in regard to consultants that may be able to lend you a hand in the planning for your very special day.

Please do keep in mind that while we are referencing some specific stores or vendors within the confines of this article, nothing should be construed as being an endorsement of one merchant over another. Additionally, nothing should be construed as being an endorsement of one product line over another. Rather, the materials presented within this article are intended for informational purposes to provide you with a starting point in your own search for Minnesota bridal consultants.

One of the Minnesota bridal consultants that is widely used in this day and age is Center Stage Event Planning. The company provides full service wedding consulting services. Center Stage Event Planning can be reached by telephoning 612/8408264.

Another of the Minnesota bridal consultants that is widely used by people heading towards their wedding days is Events by Julie. Quite like the other company mentioned in this article, Events by Julie provides a complete array of wedding planning and preparation services. Events by Julie can be reached by phone at 612/823-3171.

As you take up your search for Minnesota bridal consultants, a good idea is to seek the suggestions and opinions of other people who have used the services of wedding consultants previously. When it comes to Minnesota bridal consultants, word of mouth and references from people who have used one service or another remains absolutely invaluable.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

How To Make Bridal Shower Invitation By Hand

Some brides are do-it-yourselfers. They can make anything out of nothing. They have they power to create masterpieces. These brides may even make their own bridal shower invitations. Indeed, many of these brides can actually tell others how to make bridal shower invitations by hand. If you are preparing for the bridal shower for a friend who does not have time to show you how to make invitations, you may be interested in finding your own information on how to make bridal shower invitations.

Just because you aren�t so creative doesn�t mean you can�t make beautiful hand made invites. You really can learn to make bridal shower invitations in no time at all.

Many craft and scrap-booking stores carry paper that is above and beyond your ordinary run of the mill paper. In addition to being able to order the perfect paper for invitations, most of these stores also have instructions on make bridal shower invitations available for their customers. Thus, you can get the supplies you need to make invitations and get the materials you need all in one store.

The paper sheets that are used in making invitations are simple, yet elegant. If you are so inclined, you can learn calligraphy in order to write beautifully on your invites. In reality, it really does not take that long to learn calligraphy. Indeed, some instructions on how to make bridal shower invitations give you some basic calligraphy tips as well.

Craft and scrap-booking stores also carry calligraphy kits as well as different decals that you can add to the invite to make it more appealing and not look like something the kindergarteners next door made for their art project. Again, many of these kits include instructions on how to make bridal shower invitations. In no time at all you will be on the way and will be set to make bridal shower invitations.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Planning the Maid of Honor Bridal Shower

In many instances, it falls upon the maid of honor to organize and plan the bridal shower. The maid of honor bridal shower does not have to be a complicated or time consuming task. Indeed, when it comes to the maid of honor bridal shower there are a number of options available that are easy to organize and that are not too expensive either.

One of the most popular and easy to plan maid of honor bridal shower is a simple party at the home of the maid of honor herself. In many ways, nothing beats an informal gathering of �the girls� to celebrate the up and coming nuptials. By having the party in her home, the maid of honor avoids a great deal of added expense. Plus, planning a party at home can be very convenient on many levels.

If the bride has a favorite restaurant, you might want to consider having a maid of honor bridal shower at that restaurant. Nothing is quite as fun as gathering at a bistro that is well enjoyed by the bride.

Another idea for a maid of honor bridal shower is a tea. Teas are becoming more and more popular in this day and age. (Of course, historically many years ago, the wedding tea was common.) With more and more lovely tea rooms opening the world over, a shower in such a location is a wonderful choice. Normally, the owners or managers or such tea rooms are so easy to work with and will assist you in planning the perfect event.

In the end, the maid of honor bridal shower can be a truly special event, a truly special moment for the bride. In the final analysis, there are so many options available to a person planning a maid of honor bridal shower.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Perfect Hairstyles For Brides

A bride�s hairstyle obviously is very important. Indeed, after wedding gowns, most brides find themselves worrying most about finding just the right hairstyles for brides. There are a number of helpful suggestions and resources for brides who are in the process of trying to find and decide upon hairstyles for brides.

In order to pick perfect hairstyles for the brides several things need to be kept in mind. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules in this regard. Rather, these are just some basic suggestions for brides to consider.

First, when it comes to hairstyles for brides, you will need to find the right stylist that will support the look that you are trying to accomplish. There is nothing worse than having a stylist that does not listen to you. The best way to avoid this travesty from happening is to have a few pictures of styles that you prefer with you when you arrive at the salon. Of course, many brides do want to stick with the stylist they always use. However, when there is an out of town wedding, this may prove to be impossible. Thus, you will want to do your homework well in advance of the big day if the wedding is to be held out of town.

Secondly, when it comes to finding hairstyles for brides, you need to do your homework and select some styles that you know will work with the length and texture of your hair -- whether or not you will be at home or on the road for your wedding day. For example, depending on the gown that you select will determine whether you should wear your hair or down for the wedding.

Finally, in considering hairstyles for brides, it is important that your final choice be something that will make you feel comfortable and beautiful -- rather than awkward and questionable.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Gondoliers Flower Girl-A Play Of The Ages

The gondoliers flower girl, a play for the ages was actually called The Gondoliers. This wonderful opera started its run in 1889 and ran with great success for several years. The gondoliers flower girl did much better in London than it ever did in the United States. This was a play or opera, which was celebrated by many, if not all who saw it on it's first run. The gondoliers flower girl is the play that healed the rift between the famous Gilbert and Sullivan duo. The gondoliers flower girl was also their 20 co-written play.

The gondoliers flower girl is a play or story about love, a love that is challenged and that wins out against all odds. That is what made the gondoliers flower girl so memorable and long lasting. Many people swarmed to see this play because they had heard of the romance and the love that was in it. The gondoliers flower girl is a play that has lasted for over a century and that will continue to be told in all it's various forms for many centuries to come.

The gondoliers flower girl starts out with two flower girls that are hopelessly in love with their two suitors, brothers actually. They get chosen to be their brides after a thrilling game of blind mans bluff and off they all trot to get married. Their delight and mirth with their happy situations follow along with them every step that they take. In the gondoliers flower girl these two couples get married and are blissfully happy.

The next part of the gondoliers flower girl cuts to another less happy couple. They have been in love for years as well and they plan on getting married but all is not right in their world. The lady has been married to another as an infant so she cannot take her vows with her one true love. But there is hope because the boy that she married has been spirited away and no one knows where to. In the end of the gondoliers flower girl it turns out that the one she is married to is the same one that she has fallen in love with. This happy blissful ending is what makes the gondoliers flower girl such a powerful story of love and hope.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Gold Bridal Anklets -- Lovely and Alluring

Most women feel even more beautiful when wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry. Lately another piece of jewelry has topped the list of brides everywhere: the ankle bracelet, including gold bridal anklets. Gold bridal anklets, small and delicate, they have become a fashion phenomenon.

Sadly enough, with the bride wearing a floor length dress most of the time, no one else will see any gold bridal anklets. However, when it is time to take off the garter, it will be the anklets time to shine. The anklet in a away is almost like a symbol of beauty that no one really sees but you which gives it even more special meaning when you are walking down the aisle.

Many a groom would be well served by buying his bride to be gold bridal anklets. These anklets are a perfect wedding day gift from a groom to his bride. The groom who gives his bride an anklet on the wedding day will be adding a very nice extra touch to the already magnificent occasion.

Gold bridal anklets are widely available at different merchants in both the brick and mortar world and online on the World Wide Web. Nearly any jewelry store in the real world will carry a selection of anklets. In addition, a person can easily order these anklets from a number of different catalogue outlets that specialize in jewelry items. In short, there are many different venues from which anklets can be purchased with ease.

There are now many different Internet based websites that carry selections of jewelry, including gold bridal anklets. These gold bridal anklets come in a wide variety of different price ranges, from the relatively inexpensive to the very pricey. In other words, when it comes to this jewelry item there really is something for every bride imaginable.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Surfing The Net For Free Printable Bridal Shower Games

Nearly every bridal shower event involves the playing of games. Games seem to be an integral part of bridal showers for a number of reasons. Games give guests a chance to better know one another. Additionally, games are entertaining in and of themselves and lend a festive atmosphere to any gathering. There are, in this day and age, a number of free printable bridal shower games that can be found on the Internet. Indeed, by downloading a number of free printable bridal shower games, the hostess of a bridal shower will be well on her way towards creating a memorable event for the bride and her friends.

As mentioned, there are a number of different resources on the Internet through which the hostess of a bridal shower can find and access a variety of different free printable bridal shower games. For example, there are literally thousands of different websites in operation on the World Wide Web that are dedicated to all aspects of weddings and wedding planning. Many of these sites offer as a service to their patrons a variety of different games that are perfect for bridal showers.

In addition to those websites that have been established to assist with wedding event planning, there are tens of thousands of venues on the World Wide Web that are involved with games of all sorts. Through these general game websites, a person usually will be able to find resources for free printable bridal shower games. In not time at all, and with very little effort, the hostess of a bridal shower will be armed with a nice selection of different free printable bridal shower games. With these games in hand, the bridal shower hostess will be well on her way to creating a wonder event for the bride to be and her family and friends.

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