Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Look At The New Orleans Bride Show

Editor�s Note: This brief article on the New Orleans Bridal Show was in the process of being written when Hurricane Katrina destroyed the Louisiana city. Therefore, while we do provide some brief information on what was, the New Orleans Bridal Show is presently going to be broadcast in re-run only, if at all.

Obviously, the hotels and other services that are mentioned within the confines of the New Orleans Bride Show are not available at this time due to the hurricane and floods that have destroyed the city. Analysts maintain that it will be a significant period of time before people will be able to return to New Orleans at all to begin the rebuilding process. Consequently, it will be a considerable period of time before the services referenced in any of the Bride Show broadcasts will be available again -- if ever.

Naturally, our thoughts will remain with people whose lives have been so seriously impacted by Hurricane Katrina.

The New Orleans Bride Show is on every Sunday morning on Cox television in New Orleans at ten a.m. They are touted as the best wedding planner experience television show in the country and have a goal of keeping people informed of information to enhance the wedding planning experience. They host large events at major hotels and locations which have hundreds of vendors that serve the wedding planning community as well as publications and keep the audience updated on the latest wedding tips and services. If you go to their website you can see video stream of featured weddings and information on new services and vendors to the wedding planning community.

Again, the future of the New Orleans Bride Show remains unclear at this writing. However, due to the indomitable spirit of the people of New Orleans, one can safely assume that the future will include the New Orleans Bride Show.